Poetic Life Quest

Poetic Pathways
by Mary Ann Amos

Poetic Pathways-Is a 140 page collection of photographs of nature, In Alaska, Hubbard Glacier, in California,
a mountain face at San Gregorio Beach and in Montana an icy river. In Washington, Mount Saint Helen's, and in Mexico on the front cover of Poetic Pathways is a Mayan Temple with myself inside looking out to a path, representing the many paths we take throughout our lives. Each photo goes with a collection of poetic essays, poems, short stories, letters and lyrics. This book was created in the hopes of offering some encouragement and inspiration to others on their journey through life. When we allow ourselves to be open to the explorations of healing we can experience a life filled with love and joy. I am dedicating my first book to my Mother who died in 2007 after 17 years of having Alzheimer's and my Dad who died in 2004; 10% percent of the earnings from Poetic Pathways will go to the Alzheimer's Foundation.

About the author:

I am currently living in Nashville Tennessee since August of 2010. I am showing my art, photography and books at the Paul Crommelin Studio in Franklin, Tennessee were you can go online at www.FranklinArtScene.com to find the map of all of the Studio's and Galleries of the Franklin Art Scene Downtown Tour of the Arts. I was born and raised in Kansas, and moved to California in 1988. In 1989-91 I had taken classes in art, photography and creative writing, also became a Certified Acupressure Massage, Reiki Therapist semi-retired in 2006 and to date I am working on my 21st year. Before moving to the Tulsa area in 2005 to be closer to my son and my 2 grandchildren, I had a great opportunity to travel across the States through Canada and up to Alaska. Which happened to be the birth of my book Poetic Pathways although I did not know that at the time. While in Tulsa I promoted my work at poetry readings, and in Studio's at special events that I have been invited to perform. My main purpose for sharing these books are to help others hopefully in one way or another to get through this thing called life as smoothly as possible, and share some tears and laughter, encouragement and support, to love and laugh at the irony of it all, and remind ourselves to live life to its fullest. I hope you enjoy the book and if so another one is on its way soon, thank you for your loving support.
Sincerely, Mary Ann

To purchase my book Poetic Pathways press on this link https://www.createspace.com/3389542
10% of all profits from this book will go to the Alzheimer's Foundation. Thank you for you generous support.
and for purchase of photos or Calendars you can email me at poeticpathways@gmail.com  
All photos below are in my book Poetic Pathways and (Calendar's will be available soon). 










       1. San Fransisco, CA Park - Starflower                  2. Yellowstone Park Wyoming - Natural Bridge of Ice                                     3. Montana - Icy River

          4. San Gregorio Beach CA. - Rock Face                                     5. San Francisco, CA. - Beach                                      6. Vancouver, Canada - Fog in the Trees



                7. Washington - Mount Saint Helen's                                              8. Alaska - Hubbard Glacier                                               9. Arkansas Park -  Lilly's


         10. Tulsa, OK - River Park Spice Colored Tree                                     11. Kansas - Echinacea                                        12. Denali Park, Alaska - Mt. McKinley 
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